Dahican; Not Your Ordinary Beach

Maybe you're starting to feel the heat as summer is fast approaching, and there's one thing on your mind; beach. Some of you are now scouring the web for cheaper but beautiful resorts around the Philippines, and one factor you're considering to see on a beach; white sand.

Well I guess there are still a lot of travel bloggers who haven't heard about Dahican. This 17 kilometer stretch of pure, white sand beach is located at the eastern coast of Mati, Davao Oriental. Every year, skimboarders and surfers, both local and foreign, flock here for the annual Skimboarding challenge. With its majestic white shore line, you can either camp on tents, or stay on lodges along the beach at a very reasonable price.

Aside from the usual beach party that everyone is looking forward to, Dahican also posses nature's gentlest creatures. If you get to be lucky, you can spot some bottle-nosed dolphins tagging on boats, the gentle giant of the coast, the dugong or sea cow, or watch the pawikans or sea turtles wade their way to the beach. Because of the rich vegetation alongside the beach, different birds can also be spotted here.

photo credits to Sir Dylan Uy

Mati hasn't opened its airport yet, so to get there, you have to travel by land from Davao City for 3-4 hours. Travelers could find a lot of affordable and comfortable inns too if they decide to stay within the city first. There's a lot of things to discover in this city that preserves and gives importance to Mother Nature, and Dahican beach is just one of them.

photo credits to Gorgel and Frenshey Llanita

This is where I live. This is our place. And you are welcome.

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7 Responses to Dahican; Not Your Ordinary Beach

  1. I like that lobster, mmm

    tastes really great!!!


    1. and you'll get that at a very low price sir :)

  2. I'm supposed to be on my hiatus from blogging hehe!!! and was just browsing around when I saw this, Dalahican... thinking it's our Dalahican in Lucena, not! This Dalahican is 100% better, lovelier and to go to! :)

    1. Wow, thank you for droppin by mam gem :) It's Dahican po, not Dalahican, hehe.

  3. OMG BEACH LOOKS AMAZING! <3 WOuld love to visit soon.. Great shots. :)

  4. Dahican looks awesome! Sana pala I tried visiting the place when my dad was still working in the region. :)

  5. Wow you showed us that Dahican really is not just like a beach but it looks like a Paradise... great shots hope I can visit this place...thanks for sharing


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