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12 Funny Quiz Results

When we were in grade school, we're obliged to wake up before 7 am and go to school so we'll be prepared for the adult life ahead of us. Can you still remember all the naughty things you did? (well, if you were one). As I was randomly surfing the net, I came into this photos of quiz results, and I can't help but laugh. Yeah, I know it's kinda low blow to the teachers, but hell, I'm sure these made them chuckle.

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Good News, Bad News

Are you tired of all the daily bad news splattered across every newspapers' front page?

Well, me too.

Husband Shot by Wife, Dead!

Girl, Raped and Killed.

Vice Mayor, Ambushed and Killed.
Stud, Robbed and Killed!
And believe it or not,

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Magnum Ice-sus Cream

"Sus! Ano nangyare sa kanila?" (Jesus! What happened to them?) This is my usual expression everytime I log in to my Facebook account. The news feeds that I've been recieving lately have always something to do about this Magnum Ice Cream. Pictures of people posing with their "royal" ice cream, status messages announcing that they've eaten dozens of Magnum, come on, what's wrong with these people?

photo not mine

 It's not funny anymore. Well yeah, they have their birth right shit to post pictures on their Facebook, but acting like they just won the lottery because they've eaten this nothing but just-another-ice-cream is downright stupid. Even telling their friends that they've been left out if they haven't took a bite or a single fuckin' lick of it. Let me ask you, what's with this Magnum?

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21 Reasons Why I Love The Philippines

When Michael Goodman uploaded a video about the things he hate about the Philippines, I admired his honesty. Sadly, instead of taking it constructively and considering it as a wake up call, most Pinoys took it the other way around. As usual, they made a big fuss about it, even called to "black list" the honest guy. What the fuck?! The guy was just pointing out the obvious things that most of us overlook and considered as "ah okay lang". What  if that was a Filipino dude who made a video like that? Would that be viral too? Will he be black listed too? Ah shit.

Well anyway highway, if he had 20 reasons, I guess I'll make 21 more. I love the Philippines, and you know why? Because Philippines is where;

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Rare Pictures

In the era we are living now, I could say technology have already taken over the world. High-tech gadgets, appliances, are now part of our daily living. One of the greatest gift of technology to us is the computer, but do you know the people behind its development? Here are you'll find what I consider as historic pictures of the people we owe our PC's, laptops, iPhones, email accounts, etc. You can also find the simplicity of how a complex company came into life.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in March 1, 1976 wanted to start a computer company and they needed a name to register it as incorporation. According to Wozniak, both he and Steve were driving along the Highway 85 between Palo Alto and Los Altos. Steve Jobs came up with a name “Apple Computers” during that trip.

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The New Chic in Town: Simsimi

Simsimi is the hottest chick on Philippine web today. Every morning, whenever I open my Facebook account, screen shots of Simsimi conversations are plastered on my landing page and I'm like, "WTF?". Out of curiosity, a pinch of annoyance, and a teaspoon of boredom, I googled this Simsimi to know why the hell most of my friends, imaginary friends, and supernatural friends are totally hooked up with this yellow ball with a cute and a bit annoying face.

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Hear, Speak, See No Evil

photo not mine

Just this morning, I woke up on the sound of women screaming, children crying and dogs barking. I was so annoyed even though that wasn't the first time it happened here. It's pretty normal in a place like where I live you know. Anyway, I went outside with a big frown on my face, and what I saw slapped me awake. There were two men who're preparing to go at each other, one has a bolo while the other was holding a metal pipe.

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Well, she's turning 28 on this month's eighteenth.

Hello there beautiful skrambol. Oh yes yes, the beautiful lady on the picture is turning 28, and I don't have anything material to give her, so I'll just dedicate my post to her. Stinky cheesy, yes? But then, we know what connoisseurs say about cheese, right? *wink

I've known her when we were a lot younger, one night, at a certain bridge. Yow yes, we first met on a bridge, and it's still intact. I was a shy boy then (haha, walang papalag!), so she made the first move. Guess how did she open up a conversation? She offered me a stick of cigarette, and not just that, she offered me her lighted cigarette. Imagine if I were the one who offered, with all the laway on the filter, and I'm gonna be like, "Hey, ikaw, yosi?", kadirdir diba? Haha. (i love you dude)

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Kony 2012: From A Not-So-Narrow Point Of View

WOW! That was my first impression when I saw that the Kony 2012 video had 66 million views, four days after its upload.

WOW! Another surprise surprise were the comments I read, almost everyone is calling for, 

"Hey man, let's kill this Kony."
"What the, you should wage a war and stop him!".
"Good Lord, they are abusing children, they deserve to die!"

WOW! Third surprise, an organization called "Invisible Children" is behind this video. An obviously anti-war organization.

Whose this Kony anyway? Well, he's just another player here, a minor character of the unfolding story. Hey wait, did you know that the president of Uganda, where Kony is said to be hiding, has committed a crime in a much larger scale than that of Kony? Well, just in case you don't know, this Ugandan president has been involved in the genocide of 7 million people, just in case you didn't know. I'm not saying here that Kony isn't a bad guy, I know, what he did is sickening, but the point is, they are just making Kony an excuse for a greater scheme. That's how I look at it, a scheme by the world's greatest schemer, the US government.

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Facts About Women (sort of)

1. Women love to shop. It is the one area of the world where they feel like they're actually in control. 

2. Women especially love a bargain. The question of 'need' is irrelevant, so don't bother pointing it out. Anything on sale is fair game. 

3. Women never have anything to wear. Don't question the racks of clothes in the closet; you 'just don't understand'. 

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though we have just met,

we have long been together

in a great endeavour,

in a war worth fighting for

in a relationship brought forth

by a great standpoint.

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Til now, I couldn't let a day go by without listening to this adorable kid. I'm a fan of heavy metal music, and the first time I saw this video, thirty minutes after it was uploaded in YouTube, I fell in love with Juliet (I'm not a pedo, you sick ^*$&@*^$!).

Juliet, an eight-year old Brisbane, Australia girl, has become an Internet sensation after the releasing a "brutal" video for "My First Hardcore Song", a track about her pet fishes and dog. *Her mother, Kristina Childs uploaded the video on YouTube.

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Junjun, bakit ka ba nagpatato? Adik ka no? O baka nagaaktibista ka na? Baka sumasali ka sa mga kulto kulto ha.

"Nge, may tattoo pala yung anak ni tito, nakulong na yan?"

At eto yung latest, "Talaga, may tattoo pala yan? Baka kaya nagpunta yan ng Manila kasi may tinakasan sa Davao".

Iilan lang yan sa mga mapanghusgang paningin ng mga tao sa mga tulad ko. Sa lipunang pinamumuhayan natin ngayon, pag may tattoo ka, marumi ka. Kriminal ka. Adik ka. Wala kang kinabukasan. 

Hindi ko sila masisisi, dahil sa Pilipinas, pinipreserba at pinaninindigan ng marami nating kababayan ang pagiging konserbatibo, isang katangiang namana pa natin sa ating mga kanuno-nunoan. Pero nawawala ba ang pagkakonserbatibo ng isang tao pag nagkaroon sya ng pintang di nabubura sa kanyang balat? Bahagi ng ating kultura ang tattoo. Sumisimbolo ito sa katayuan, kakayahan, katungkulan, at maging kadakilaan ng ating mga ninuno. Buong pagmamalaki itong dinadala ng isang tao kahit na san man sya magpunta. 

Pero after how many years, what the hell happened?

Naapektuhan talaga ako nitong napanood kong dokyu, siguro mga 10 times ko na tong pinanood. Ang mga katutubong dati ay proud na proud sa kanilang pagka-pintado, ngayon ay nahihiya na. Kung dati ay napakaganda sa kanila ang may guhit sa balat, ngayon ay nakakadiri na, at pilit nila itong itinatago. Anyare? Kasi daw, pag luluwas ka sa siyudad, nakakatakot ka kung meron kang tattoo. Tatawagin kang taga bundok kung meron kang tattoo. Pandidirihan ka ng KAPWA mo Pilipino. Yung KAPWA mo Pilipinong anak at apo sa katuhod-tuhuran ng mga ipinagtanggol ng mga taong may tattoo. Lahat yan nangyari dahil sa modernisasyon. Hindi naman masama ang umunlad, wag lang sana nating kakalimutan kung saan tayo nagmula. Huwag sana nating hayaang tuluyang manaig ang "westernization" sa ating isipan. It's more fun in the Philippines sabi nga nila, sana nama'y hindi lang para sa mga turistang hinahakot natin ang FUN na yan, kundi para din sa ating mga kababayan.

Sabi nga ni VG, "Porke ba may tattoo kriminal na agad? Di ba pwedeng Igorot lang talaga?".

Maganda pa ang nanay ko sa umaga. Happy kaarawan mama :D

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Usapang Larawan

Naniniwala ka ba dito? Sana pala hindi tsinelas ang pinamimigay ni Korina sa mga bata. Sana sapatos na lang para mabago naman ang buhay nila. Kayo, may sapatos na ba kayo? Bili na nang mabago na rin ang buhay ninyo :)


Oo nga naman. Malay mo naghahanap lang din sya ng Cinderella shoes? O pwede ring papunta talaga sya ng SM, wla nga lang pamasahe :)

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Rare Finds (Bihirang Makita)

This ComEx day, I had a hard time thinking on what to post, haaaa haaaa haaaaa. So today, I'll just give you five (5) of the world's "rarest".

 The "silkie chicken"
The Silkie (sometimes incorrectly spelled Silky) is a breed of chicken named for its atypically fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk. The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as dark blue flesh and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot (most chickens only have four). They are often exhibited in poultry shows, and come in several colors (red, gold, blue, black, white, and partridge).

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Midnight Raid

I guess you're thinking that what I'm goin' to talk about right now is some historic raid in WWII or some Operation Desert Storm-like raid, yes? No? Yes? No. Whatever.

photo from

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