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Happy Earth Day; Seriously?

Is the Earth really happy? Do we deserve to live here?

If we take a survey asking all the people around the world if they deserve this blue-green-white-brown-gray planet called Earth, I'm sure an overwhelmingly large number of these are going to say, "Yes, of course!". Well, what other response could we expect? The opinion of the majority  is expected as this is the mind's response. Even though at the back of the mind of everybody, the knowledge that we haven't treated Earth with respect is there, that the "I, me, mine, my" mentality is fully intact and preserved. If you open up your mind a little wider and take an unflinchingly honest look at mankind and its history, what will you find? Will you still say "Yes, of course!"? 

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12 Places Described By a Single Picture

There are places around the world that can only be summarized by the words "Only in" just because of the things that go on there. So I'm sharing you a few. Hopefully, this'll have a sequel, LOL.

Only in Amsterdam. Hookers are displayed in glass casings. 

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Painting A Room The Metal Head Way

I'm not an interior designer, to begin with, to give you tips on redecorating your room or whatever you want to do with it. Hell, I didn't even study architecture. But every so often, between the boring and busy days of our  lives, something comes along that makes us stop, look, and say, "Hey, that's freaking awesome!". So, with that pretty scratched one-liner of amazement, I felt that it alright to share this dumb discovery. Alright, I've caught wind of a ridiculously amazing video posted by three metal heads. Ostensibly, they had to paint or redecorate a "pink" (hey, pink is a masculine color, b&^%$!), so logically, the first thing that hit their heads is to use their hair instead of paint brush. These three dudes dipped their heads onto a paint bucket, turn on some metal, and started headbanging. Check out the video for the marvelous result.

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My Top 5 Must-Watch Movies This May

Come what may.

Hey, few days from now, Miss April'd be a goner and Miss May'll shake her flowery arse to the people! Anyway, the first line prompted me to write this post, plus the greatness I feel now that I have finished the house plan that held me out from my blog and my ever dearest imaginary readers. Well now, I'm sure some of the movies here are familiar to you, heck, here it goes.

1. The Avengers. Yeah  yeah, they're gonna have the assembly this May. Our childhood superheroes are back, kick some ass!

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More Pun In The Philippines

photo credits to KMJS

Pinoys are generally creative especially in naming everything, genius. No business establishment is deemed too sacred to be spared from creative name-calling, from water purifying stations to bottled water, salons, restaurants, even the smallest business roaming around the Philippines streets. Look around you.

A nickname is the hardest stone that the devil can throw at a man. - William Hazlitt.

 Brilliantly said, and one way to explain why in new world countries, John remains John and Mary will ever be called Mary. But here in the Philippines, though, a nicknamed child is a loved child. And heaven help the child who’s been given a particularly “inspired” nickname.

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