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Book Report?

For another couple of nights. Er, maybe weeks, this blog will stink. Well, depends if you're going to drop by and clean this boring niche of mine, LOL. I think I'm gonna be busy. Now there goes the question: Busy doing what?

Woooooooooo. We're asked by our English professor to make some sort of book review (yata, not sure pa) about a Paulo Coelho novel. Anybody familiar with The Alchemist? Yeah that's the one. Hey, if you could give me a report on that, just click on the tab on above (Contact Me), hehe. Just kidding. Even if its just 0.05% from a hundred that our professor will trip on this boring blog, still, its 0.005%, right? :)

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Be Careful of What You Wish For (Lalo na pag may kasunod kang hihiling)

One day, a bus full of not-so-good looking people was stuck on a ditch in a very liblib na place. Then suddenly, a beautiful diwata appeared and made sabi to them that they could make a wish and she will make those wish come true. The first woman on the front seat said,

"I wish to be super gorgeous and beautiful!"

And her wish was granted.

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Signs Ba Kamo?

Pasensya na kung ngayon lang ulit nakapag post? Miss mo ko? LOL

Sa mga umaasa sa signs, nakow, siguraduhin nyo lang na confident kayo :)

See ya later alligater! In a while crocodile :p

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