Magnum Ice-sus Cream

"Sus! Ano nangyare sa kanila?" (Jesus! What happened to them?) This is my usual expression everytime I log in to my Facebook account. The news feeds that I've been recieving lately have always something to do about this Magnum Ice Cream. Pictures of people posing with their "royal" ice cream, status messages announcing that they've eaten dozens of Magnum, come on, what's wrong with these people?

photo not mine

 It's not funny anymore. Well yeah, they have their birth right shit to post pictures on their Facebook, but acting like they just won the lottery because they've eaten this nothing but just-another-ice-cream is downright stupid. Even telling their friends that they've been left out if they haven't took a bite or a single fuckin' lick of it. Let me ask you, what's with this Magnum?
As far as I could see, it's nothing but just another frozen milk with cream coated by a goddamn chocolate! Hay Pinoy. Then if a Chinese would say "Oh wow, the Pinoys are going crazy over an ice cream that they forgot to wash their faces", I wouldn't be surprised.

My point here is, why do we have to be so ecstatic about this? Buying or eating this ice cream doesn't help us in improving our lives. Bragging about it through the internet won't do any good to our kababayans (fellowmen). Use the power given to you by the social network in doing more important things, things that could be of help. Because there's nothing really special about it; it can't feed the hungry, it can't provide the needy. Yes, everybody deserves a little pleasure, but don't overrate it. It's disgusting.

PS. The entry posted above is just a personal rant. If you don't like it, if you feel offended or anything, leave a comment. Criticisms, suggestions, reactions, as long as its not violent, are welcome. Thanks. Smile for the camera!

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