Good News, Bad News

Are you tired of all the daily bad news splattered across every newspapers' front page?

Well, me too.

Husband Shot by Wife, Dead!

Girl, Raped and Killed.

Vice Mayor, Ambushed and Killed.
Stud, Robbed and Killed!
And believe it or not,

Guy Who Doesn't Know the Meaning of 'Nobody', Killed by 4
This kind of things make me wonder sometimes. Are newspapers, are the media, made for bad news? I remember a media personnel saying that they are the people's inspiration. But how could that be? Why can't we see a headline that says, 
Son of an OFW, Graduated with Honors.
These days, the Filipino people needs inspiration. Something that will lift up their spirits from the pressure brought upon by the rising number of economic issues. Yes they would say, I mean, the 'government' people would say that our economy is stable, but is that the economy of the majority? I guess not.

Somehow, before going to bed, I hope that tomorrow, as I pick up another newspaper, I'll see a headline that will say something good.

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