Book Report?

For another couple of nights. Er, maybe weeks, this blog will stink. Well, depends if you're going to drop by and clean this boring niche of mine, LOL. I think I'm gonna be busy. Now there goes the question: Busy doing what?

Woooooooooo. We're asked by our English professor to make some sort of book review (yata, not sure pa) about a Paulo Coelho novel. Anybody familiar with The Alchemist? Yeah that's the one. Hey, if you could give me a report on that, just click on the tab on above (Contact Me), hehe. Just kidding. Even if its just 0.05% from a hundred that our professor will trip on this boring blog, still, its 0.005%, right? :)

Anyway, too much of the blah blah yakitty yak yak. If you're curious about the novel, I'm inserting here a PDF ebook of it. Feel free to download. No, ot asking for payments or anything, but still, you'll be awesome if you send me some Paypal credits. Woooooooooot. Kidding.

Good night imaginary friends. Keep smiling.

And always keep in mind, no matter how beautiful mornings or nights are, still, you're more beautiful that those :)


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