Be Careful of What You Wish For (Lalo na pag may kasunod kang hihiling)

One day, a bus full of not-so-good looking people was stuck on a ditch in a very liblib na place. Then suddenly, a beautiful diwata appeared and made sabi to them that they could make a wish and she will make those wish come true. The first woman on the front seat said,

"I wish to be super gorgeous and beautiful!"

And her wish was granted.

Then the rest followed and wished the same thing. The bus was now loaded with super ganda ang super gwapong mga gago.

When the beautiful diwata reached the last person at the back of the bus, she found him ULOL (Ultimately Laughing Out Loud, bad kayo ha).

"What are you laughing at?", asked the fairy.

"Nothing. Can I wish now?", asked the man.

"Okay go on."

"My wish is make them all ugly again." And the wish was granted.

I hope you got your share of lesson :p

May maipost lang, haha. Good day!

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