PALiiiTS in School Again

ID (evidence)
Hey hey hey! It's been so long. Since I haven't seen yow face! That wasn't a joke. I know most of you "wandering sweet potatoes" who carelessly wander in this blog are not going to email me your pictures if ever I asked you to. Sorry if I haven't updated this boring niche of mine for like, forever? LOL

The main reason for my looooong time absence is school. Yea yea yea. Some of you may ask questions like
WTF? You're still in school?!
Well, fortunately, education doesn't include age as a requirement, particularly in college. Double fortunately, my school accepted me although this year would be my proudest 10th year in college. Triple fortunately, schools don't have legs, so you can always find them right at the same spot even if you stopped for yearrrrrs. Just what I lovingly answer to my aunts about 6 years ago,
It's okay. Don't panic. Schools will never walk away.
That's how you go to school! LOL
Come this Monday, I'm going to take my very first Terminal Prelim Exams since, sorry I forgot how to count years. Sorry too that I can't tell you every details of my first to present days in school, but I promise after the exams, I'll update this blog regularly. Just want to brag about my ID. Haaaaa haaaaa haaaaa.

Laters alligaters! n_n

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