Three Best Mothers

This time, my post will be quite serious, and as much as possible, I'm gonna refrain from using foul words like I used to. Eh? If you're still wondering why, I bet you didn't have the time reading the title *winks. See, I'm even nicer to you.

Since we're celebrating Mothers' Day, I think its timely for me to write and share to you how blessed I am to have an awesome line of mothers. Yes, I have mothers, with an "s", pluuuuuural! And sorry, but I wont share them to any of you. Joke. Belonging to a broken family has been a lot easier for me because of my mothers. Because of them, the absence of the so-called "haligi" (foundation) of a home, a father, hasn't really been an issue at all. Well, I must admit that there were times that  I envy my friends when they bring their fathers to school activities, but thinking that I have a lot of Mama's, I'm contented. To honor them, I'll be posting three short poems. I know I'm not very good at this, but nah, I'll take the shot.

To You Mama
Thank you for the life you gave to me
For the chance to hear, smell, taste, hear and see
All the things this world could offer
I hope you know, to me these really matter

Thank you for the sacrifices you made
For all the guidance and wisdom you gave
I know Mama that life is hard
But rest assured you'll always be in my heart.

To You Mama Lita
I know I've been not so good to you
I have always put you into blue
But still you welcome me in your arms
Every time I'm cold and desperate for warmth

I'm sorry for causing you so much pain
Been reckless and selfish for my own gain
But now I promise you I am changed
Thank you for love, a bond like chain

To You Mama Nene
Until now I treasure the times we spent together
Year have passed I still shed a tear
For the time we had has never been enough to me
I wish you're here now like we used to be

I know I made a promise to you
Don't worry Ma, I'm still struggling to
For the love you gave to me is priceless
In return I'll fulfill my promise and do my best

These three people are the best mothers that I ever had, the best "ilaw ng tahanan" (light of a home) the world have given me. I have been a really bad kid when I was younger, but these people did not give up on me, all the time they gave me chances to change, to redeem myself. They gave me love when I had none for myself. Forever I'll be thankful to them. Happy Mothers' Day :)

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3 Responses to Three Best Mothers

  1. A truly heartfelt poem you've written here. You are truly blessed with these wonderful mothers! Mothers are treasures. They would never give up on their children.

    By the way, I have tagged you in one of my posts.

    Hope you'll take time to check it out. Have a nice day!

  2. Replies
    1. Totally agree. Let's make everyday a Mothers' Day :)


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