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Yesterday, 4th of July. While everyone in the United States are flying colorful fireworks, blowing their lungs out on paper and plastic trumpets, straining their arms in waiving the American flag, stretching their necks to see the parades, and crying their hearts out in celebration, I was alone in my room celebrating my birthday with four cups of coffee and a pack of cigarettes.

Celebrated my birthday with a pack of cigarettes, a couple cups of coffee, and a couple of movies :)
Yea yea, some of you my dear imaginary friends would think how lonely my birthday had been. Maybe some dipshit who wanders here for the first time would think that I'm some kind of an introvert, but you're wrong. Actually I'm a psychopath, a frightening one, on weekends, LOL.

What's a birthday by the way? I tried to ask Uncle Google for the answer and he pointed me too Aunt Wiki. She gave me long long long explanation about birthdays. A birthday is a day or anniversary celebrated to commemorate one's date of birth, well, its pretty obvious though. It is celebrated by numerous cultures often with a gift, party or right of passage. There's also this superstitious origin of birthdays that says it started somewhere in Europe. It was said that evil spirits were particularly attracted to people on their birthdays, and to protect them, friends and relatives would visit to bring good thoughts and wishes. Sounds creepy right? Good thing nobody visited me last night, maybe the evil spirits forgot to mark my day on the calendar.

I wrote this post for no particular reason at all. No wait, that would be illogical, cause the book said that nothing happens without a cause. So I'm gonna say I wrote this because I'm bored. In a positive point of view, I shared something interesting right? Tell me no, and I'll ask the evil spirits to visit you on your birthday :p

Although I was alone on that date, I'm still thankful because of the things that I have upon reaching this age. I have my kids, I'm back on the track of finishing my degree, and I have my beautiful wife, Meot, who ignored the clock just to celebrate my birthday through Skype on hours were people are still snoring their butt off. You see, celebrating your birthday doesn't require parties, booze, cakes and gifts. Nobody could be there for you physically, but if you look deeper, you have a party in your heart, you got gifts that no amount of money could buy, and somewhere somehow, there are people who loves you, and wish good things for you.

Happy birthday to me n_n

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2 Responses to Birthday Guy

  1. Nice writing, Friend. I simply liked it. And, B'lated happy birthday to you. Though, i know it's quite late.

  2. Nice Post. All readers will definitely like this post. Looking forward to your next post.


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