Painting A Room The Metal Head Way

I'm not an interior designer, to begin with, to give you tips on redecorating your room or whatever you want to do with it. Hell, I didn't even study architecture. But every so often, between the boring and busy days of our  lives, something comes along that makes us stop, look, and say, "Hey, that's freaking awesome!". So, with that pretty scratched one-liner of amazement, I felt that it alright to share this dumb discovery. Alright, I've caught wind of a ridiculously amazing video posted by three metal heads. Ostensibly, they had to paint or redecorate a "pink" (hey, pink is a masculine color, b&^%$!), so logically, the first thing that hit their heads is to use their hair instead of paint brush. These three dudes dipped their heads onto a paint bucket, turn on some metal, and started headbanging. Check out the video for the marvelous result.

I know I know, questions are running through your minds like, "What could possibly posses someone to dip his hair in a bucket of paint?!", or maybe, "How the hell would they clean that up?". Those are reasonable questions though, I've thought about that, but at the moment, I really don't have the slightest idea, so I leave it to you to answer your own questions. Besides, that's the beauty of the video, completely and amazingly dumbfounding. Well, in a good way of course.

So what do you think about what these guys call as "the most strange and inefficient way to paint a room"?

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2 Responses to Painting A Room The Metal Head Way

  1. come on,this is just a waste of time. change your painting methods guys.... for sure the painting but it's a mess and not applicable...

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    1. yea, that's why they called it the most inefficient way of painting a room :D


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